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22nd-Nov-2007 06:21 am - Happy Thanksgiving
Well I have not had alot of time or energy to do much lately, the new job is taking lots of time and most of the energy I have. I love it though and its getting easier now that I am learning the ways of their doings. I am very happy for the first time in My life I can say "totally and completely happy" with all aspects of My life. I am so much in love and its growing more and more everyday. We seem to fulfill everything for each other that we have been missing in our lives. Thank Goddess we found each other and can finally have the lives we were meant to have. Today is Thanksgiving, I have to head to work soon, its only 6:30 in the freakin morning, I hate mornings lol. I hate not being here all day to help My baby gyrl do the cooking, but I know she will do wonderfully, we will have our family dinner when I return this afternoon. I love you My precious baby and will miss you till I get to come home, thank you for being you and taking such good care of Me, I hope I can take as good of care of you as you do with Me.

Always and Forever
9th-Jan-2006 06:31 am - new stuff to play with
Vamp Girl
this is a new thing and maybe I can play with it some

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